The Director’s held a phone conference on July 28th.  It was discussed and voted on to give Buckles for Year End winners for 2019 in all categories ( #7 & Over, #5 & #6, #3 &#4 , #1 &#2 and 14 & under)  No Finals and the New Year for 2021- 2022 starts July 29th.

Numbers that were changed effective immediately are:

Kavis Drake-                    6+HD & 5+HL

Clint Anderson-               4+HL & 4HD

Mac McCuaig-                 5+HD & 5HL

Corbon McCuaig-            3HD

Kelson McCuaig-             3HL

Rachael McCuaig-           3HD

Brady Chappel-                8+HL & 6HD

Sierra Sauer-                    2HD

Matt Switzer-                   6+HL

Chase Spencer-                2HL

Macie Rae Warken-          4HD